MeerKat Dance Theatre was founded 2020 with the aim of creating exciting international collaborations of theatre and dance works. Artistic director Marie Keiser Asmussen.


Choreographer and practitioner with a background in contemporary dance and specialized in physical theatre for ensembles.

I make quirky dance theatre with inspirations from clown, animal studies and cartoon movement. I have an MA in Physical Theatre for International ensembles and I continue to be inspired by the merger of contemporary dance and physical theatre. I choreograph strong narratives with humor and darkness, and I am interested in new ways of generating movement through play and breathing techniques in collaboration with the dancers.

Currently based in Aarhus


Currently Artistic Director of MeerKat Dance Company

2021-22 Choreographer Det Fynske Dansekompagni “Brighton Boys” Teater Momentum

2021 Choreographic consultant at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium (Royal School of Music)

2019-21 Performance teacher at Oure School of Sport and Performance

2019 Choreographer The FARMOR Project (Performing Arts Platform Aarhus)

2018 Choreographer at Malta’s national dance company Zfín Malta

2018 Performer at ODC Ensemble (Greece) for the performance ”Kazin Barok”

2018 Choreographer  “Cock and a Feather” Malta International Arts Festival

2018 Choreographer for MOVEO DANCE COMPANY (Malta)  AUNT WHO?

2018- Choreographic consultant for the Danish National Acrobatics team

2017 Drama teacher Odense Dramaskole

2017 Choreographic consultant for DHG talent team Dalum

2017 Choreographer at University of Malta

2016 Dance Teacher at San Andrea School (Malta)

2016 Clown Teacher at National Dance Company of Malta

2015 Artistic director and founder of Masquerade Physical Theatre Company (Malta)

2014-17 Drama Teacher at Masquerade School of Performing Arts (Malta)

2014 Actor in ”Attempts on her Life” St. James Cavalier (Malta) Directed by Dave Barton

2013 Director and founder of Cirque du Suitcase (DK) and Lost Goose Theatre Company (UK)


2017 Bachelor Dance Studies, University of Malta
Graham and Cunningham technique, release, flying low, choreography and devising.
Dissertation: Oppression, Appropriation and Agency in the work of Josephine Baker

2014 Master Physical Theatre (International Ensemble) St. Mary’s University, (UK) Lecoq inspired work, devising technique, Feldenkrais, Clown, taught by members of Complicité

2012 Bachelor Theatre Studies & Comparative Literature Syddansk Universitet
Dissertation: The Structure of Fairytale



2017 Internship Black Box Dance Company (DK)

2017 Choreographic Lab Zfín Malta

2012  Commedia dell’Arte Workshop Paola Cavallin (IT)

2011 & 2013 “Musicalised Dramaturgies” Workshop Domenico Castaldo (IT)

2009 Acting diploma (6 month full-time course) Oure School of Sport and Performing Arts (DK)

2009  Mask Workshop Per Brahe, Studio 5, Brooklyn (NY)

1996-2000  Det Fynske Balletakademi v. Jørgen Krogh (DK)