This site offers information on productions and workshops by Marie Keiser-Nielsen.



Dysfunctional meerkat families. Chickens without a single feather left on their bodies. Stylized, cartoon-like characters, quirky pedestrian movements, grotesque stories and dark fairy tales. My name is Marie Keiser-Nielsen, I am a dynamic choreographer, performer and teacher with years of experience at international schools and stages. I make pieces based on contemporary dance and physical theatre, often with animals, as they dare to show what we as humans try to hide.

I love clowning and comedy, and my dance pieces are both hideous and hilarious. My experience as a performer spans from standup comedy in Malta to Shakespeare at the Rose Theatre in London. I am a curious choreographer based both in Denmark and Malta, where I work very closely with Malta’s national dance company. I teach comedy, theatre and dance, my companies make devised theatre for children, and I absolutely love working with young people and movement. The magical space between dance and theatre, between word and image, laughter and tears… that is where I like to play.

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